Former profession, now very serious hobby

7-string jazz guitar

My former profession and now hobby is music.

For the last 20 years or so, I have mainly been playing the 7-string jazz guitar, write arrangements, and sing Four Freshmen-style (all 4 voices by myself).
I use a computer program called "Band-in-a-Box", to accompany myself, write arrangements, and sing four voices in the style of The Four Freshmen. See my Band-in-a-Box page for further information.

Also I wrote, as freelancer, about jazz guitar and guitarists for the US Just Jazz Guitar magazine, until it was closed down.

I also used to work with vocalist Anne Ma Bakke as a duo.

For gigs and workshops etc. please contact me as early as possible!
Tonnie jamming while a world famous guitarist is looking over his right shoulder.

My first guitar

I started playing on my father's 4-string guitar at age 11. So through the years "I grew" from 4, via 6 to 7 strings!

This is the guitar I started playing on. The neck was narrowed down and the headstock had only 4 tuning pegs.

Other instruments and other forms of music

From my website you might get the impression that I am only interested in Jazz Guitar. However I like other forms of music and other instruments just as well. 
Like e.g. Miles Davis, who's statue I m standing in front of in Nice, France

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22.04 | 13:20

Tusen takk! Jeg har den plakaten, men ellers takk! Jeg har noen bilder. Du kan skrive meg en e-post på om du vil se og/eller ha en kopi.

21.04 | 10:47

Jeg spilte i mange år med din far, fra ca. 1965 til ca. 1983.
Har ikke flere bilder, men en plakat som du kan få. Ring 92817227.

20.04 | 22:05

Hei, dette var gøy å se! Min far, Geir, på trommer. Har du flere bilder fra 004-tiden? Hadde vært gøy å se. Håper alt er vel med deg og dine.
Hilsen Markus S.

06.06 | 15:18


I am sure I have a version of The Love Nest and will look for it later today and send you a copy. My direct email is: