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For at least a decennium I have been a contributing writer for the American magazine JUST JAZZ GUITAR.

My articles have mainly been features of jazz guitarists and luthiers, but there have been also a few reviews of concerts and jazz guitar seminars. I have been lucky enough to have been able to combine travelling around the world in various day-jobs with visiting jazz clubs and buying LPs and later CDs, this has given me a large body of knowledge of the main “bebop and beyond” jazz guitarist, their styles, repertoire, equipment etc.

Combining this with a writing style I hope many readers of Just Jazz Guitar value, has been a great inspiration to me.

Since US English is far from my main language, I am lucky enough to have a sister that has lived nearly her whole adult live in the US, working as a language expert. She has been willing to edit and proofread all the stuff I have submitted to Just Jazz Guitar.

After 21 years, the JJG-area is coming to an end and the last issue is coming out in May 2016. Editor and owner Ed Benson is retiring and it seems he was unable to sell the magazine.

See also: www.justjazzguitar.com

So far I have written features on jazz guitarists: the late Peter Almqvist (S), Jacob Fischer (DK), the late Rune Gustafson (S), Halvard Kausland (N), Hallgeir Pedersen (N), Gisle Torvik (N), the late Charlie Christian (US), luthier Chris Larkin (IR).

The latest articles include:

Issue #66 February 2011
- The Icon of Swedish Jazz Guitar: Rune Gustafsson            

Issue #68 August 2011

- Norwegian Great Guitars

- 14 th. North Wales Jazz Guitar Weekend

- Live Jazz at Costa del Sol

Issue #69 November 2011

- Jazz Improvisation Summer Course, Søgne , Norway

Issue #73 November 2012 (18th Anniversary Issue)

- Jazz Workshop, Ettlingen, Germany
- A Retrospective Study of Charlie Christian's Early Playing  Style and Equipment,
with the following feedback:

UK jazz guitarist and educator Trefor Owen wrote:
I enjoyed your article on Charlie Christian in JJG.
Best regards,
Trefor (
http://treforowen.com/ )
UK jazz guitarist Roy Sainsbury wrote:
I enjoyed your JJG article. You obviously did a lot of research and it was very enlightening.

Roy ( www.roysainsbury.com/ )

Issue #74 February 2013
- A Guitar Weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark incl. a gig revieuw on Doug Raney
- Two Gig Revieuws in Oslo, Norway: Kurt Rosenwinkel and  Lage Lund

Issue #82 February 2015           

- A report from the 22nd. North Wales Guitar Weekend in Wrexham, UK
- Report from the "Holy Grail Guitar Show" in Berlin, Germany



Rune Gustafsson † & Tonnie during an intervieuw in Stockholm

Just Jazz Guitar a must for every jazz guitarist!

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Tusen takk! Jeg har den plakaten, men ellers takk! Jeg har noen bilder. Du kan skrive meg en e-post på post@markusscholz.no om du vil se og/eller ha en kopi.

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Jeg spilte i mange år med din far, fra ca. 1965 til ca. 1983.
Har ikke flere bilder, men en plakat som du kan få. Ring 92817227.

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Hei, dette var gøy å se! Min far, Geir, på trommer. Har du flere bilder fra 004-tiden? Hadde vært gøy å se. Håper alt er vel med deg og dine.
Hilsen Markus S.

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I am sure I have a version of The Love Nest and will look for it later today and send you a copy. My direct email is: tonnievdh@online.no