Photo album

Groove Valley Jazz Camp Beiarn (near Bodø, Norway) summer 2010. Teacher Hallgeir Pedersen is in the middle.

Bruce Foreman and me in Southern France

Joe Giglio, Trefor Owen with me in the middle. During a jazz guitar weekend in Wales 2010

A gig in an art gallery on Tysnes Island, summer 2010. Playing a Chris Larkin 7 string guitar.

Singer Anne Ma Bakke and Tonnie as a duo in an art gallery in Norway, summer 2010

Mimi Fox and Tonnie in Wales

Andreas Öberg (R) and Tonnie (L) before an out door concert in the Oslofjord area

The Flying Pisanos and Tonnie (in the middle) in Wales

Betty Bennet, Mundel Loewe (+) and Tonnie in Wales

Harvey S. (bass) and Tonnie (gtr.) jamming in Wales

Hallgeir Pedersen & Tonnie during a jazz camp in the Oslo Fjord area

Tonnie during an outdoor concert at Søgne, Norway 2011

Tonnie & Henry Johnson during the 2008 Jazz Cruise

The guitar teachers & students of the 2011 Summer Jazz Course in Søgne, Norway. Teachers Susan Weichert front left and Knut Værnes front right. Tonnie is in shorts in the front row.

Guitar teacher Knut Værnes (R) and Tonnie (L) during the 2011 Jazz Summer Course in Søgne, Norsway

Rune Gustafson (now deceased) & Tonnie in Stockholm during an interview for Just Jazz Guitar in 2010

Comping for singer Tessa Quayle (NZ) with bassist Jim Ferguson (US) in Wrexham, Wales.

Christian Eckert with his custom Höfner and Tonnie with his 7-string Foster St. Charles Elite during a guitar class at the 2012 Ettlinger Jazz-Workshop

Tonnie during a jam session in Ettlingen, Germany Sep. 2012

The guitarists participating in the very first Ettlingen Jazz Workshop Sep. 2012

Playing my Foster 7-string during a jam session in Ettlingen, Germany Sep. 2012

Sheryl Bailey and Tonnie van der Heide at the Jazz Guitar weekend in Wrexham, Wales, Oct. 2012

Bassist Bill Coleman and Tonnie playing his 7-string Foster guitar in Wrexham, Wales Oct. 2012

Tonnie performing at the Bulls Head in Old Glossop. Session arranged by Trefor Owen, who can be seen on the far right.

Kurt Rosenwinkel and Tonnie at the National Jazzstage in Oslo, November 2013

Lage Lund and Tonnie between sets at "Herr Nilsen", Oslo, November 2012

Doug Rainey (deceased 2016) at a gig at the Jazz Cup in Copenhagen in 2012. Photo Tonnie van der Heide

Staffan William-Olsson (R) and Tonnie (L) at Herr Nilsen jazzclub in Oslo 9 Feb. 2013

From left: bassist Elias Bailey, guitarist Randy Napoleon both members of the Freddy Cole trio and Tonnie

Guitarist Rodney Fleeman (Karrin Allyson trio) and Tonnie during the 2013 Jazz Cruise

Bristish guitar great Roy Sainsbury (R) and Tonnie (L) with his new Elferink 7-string in Birmingham

Tonnie with a 1937 Gibson ES-150 and a 1938 EH-150, all three in excellent condition!!!!

Tonnie with his new Conti 7-string May 2013

All guitarists participating in the 2013 Jazz Summer Course in Søgne, Norway. Tonnie (in green) to his left instructors Knut Værnes and Bjørn Vidar Solli

Gisle Torvik (and his Sadowsky “semi-hollow”) and Tonnie van der Heide, during a "Gisle Torvik Trio" gig in Bergen, Norway Sep. 2013

Tonnie & Jack Wilkins in Wrexham Sep 2013

Left to right: Tonnie, Jack Wilkins (seated), Trefor Owen & Andy Hulme in Wrexham Sep 2013

Chlas Skugstad and Tonnie van der Heide during the Saturday student session in Wrexham 12 Sep 2013

Chlas Skrugstad & Tonnie van der Heide during the Sunday student session 12 Sep. 2013 in Wrexham, Wales

Tonnie van der Heide and his Foster 7-string during the Saturday student session in Wrexham 12 Sep. 2013

Wayne Brasel & Tonnie just before the 2nd. set of a concert in Bergen, Norway. Jan 2014 Photo: Egil Andersen Extracts of this concert on:

Guitarist Halvard Kausland and his L-5 Wes Montgomery guitar & Tonnie, hotel Neptun, Bergen, 18 Jan. 2014. Photo: Egil Andersen You can see a video of this group's performance on: http://com/watch?v=9Ftd7E4kLu4

Participated in a jazz guitar workshop in Remscheid, Germany in Feb. 2014. Photo: Rüdiger Thurm. Personal comment: Most guitars look much better than most of the players!!!

Hudderfield, UK, 21 Feb 2014 Photo: Ian Wroe

7-string master Howard Alden & Tonnie van der Heide in Wrexham, Wales, May 2014

Morten Færestrand & Tonnie van der Heide after a concert in Bønes Church, just outside Bergen 2 Sep. 2014.

Gisle & Tonnie after a concert in Bergen, Oct. 2014

Roni & Tonnie after a class during the 22nd. North Wales Intl. Jazz Guitar Weekend Oct. 2014

From Jazzgitarren-Duo-Wochenende, Germany Jan. 2015

UK 7-string guitarist Sam Dunn and Tonnie van der Heide during the July 2015 HJGS jazz guitar festival in Huddersfield

On Oct. 2015 Chlas Skrugstad and I performed again at the Cheadle Jazz Guitar Club, with Dave Turner on bass.

In Wrexham (Wales) I played a Swedish folk song (Hvem Kan Segla Foruten Vind?) with great accompaniment on 11 Oct. 2015

Staffan Wllima-Ohlsson & Tonnie at Herr Nilsen jazz club in Oslo, Oct. 2015

Pat Martino & Tonnie at Montmartre Jazz House in Copenhagen Oct. 2015

All 10 participants in the Jazz Guitar Workshop in Darup, Germany 2016.

Student jam session, playing my Sonntag CC 7-string together with John Barcley and his Gibson George Gobel. Photo Dennis Holland

Teacher Vic Juris (R) and student Tonnie (L) in Wrexham, Wales Apr. 2016. Can recommend Vic's book "Modern Chords". Photo Dennis Holland

Guitar Workshop with Wesley G in Kerpen-Sindorf, Germany 4-5 June 2016

Darup (Germany) 2017

Tonnie during the Saturday lunch jam session in Wrexham, Oct. 2017. Photo: Dennis Holland

Tony Gant (R) and Tonnie van der Heide (L) both playing 7-string guitars in Mold, Oct. 2017

Pete (R) and Tonnie (L) during the Saturday lunch jam session in Wrexham Oct. 2017. Photo Dennis Holland

Accompanying Tessa in Wrexham

Guitarists and bass players Drup, Germany, Feb. 2018

Bobby Broom played the local Jazz Club; Swing 'n Sweet. See:

Student jam session with the house Rhythm section, Wrexham, April 2018

The whole guitar group in Ettlingen 2018

Christian Eckert and Tonnie, Ettlingen (Germany) 2018

David and Tonnie, Austria 2018

During the Hull Jazz Festival (1995) I had a master class with Jim Hall (on the left). He also played a fantastic concert that same night.

Jamsession in Wrexham, Wales Apr. 2022 Photo: Aaron Latty

En del bilder og videoopptak fra div. gitararrangement / Some pictures and videos from gigs and seminars
1) Click on the white arrow to start a slides show!
2) Best seen after clicking on the four arrows in the the right hand side of the bottom of the screen. (Fullskjerm means "Full Screen").
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In 1970 the city of Bergen, Norway (my home town) celebrated in 900 years anniversary. I played in a big band called "Ad Astra" on TV. You can find me, playing a Gibson ES-175 DN, on the right hand side of the saxophone section.
The black and white TV show can be seen on:

For videos made in Remscheid Feb. 2014 click on:
Here you can hear and see Alain Sarraf &
Tonnie van der Heide play "Stella By Starlight".
Tonnie is playing through a redesigned "copy" of a Gibson EH-185 (made with self-raising flower?), hence the somewhat twangy sound.
Hans Reumann (right) & Tonnie van der Heide (left) play:
"Body and Soul"

For a video made in Cheadle, UK please click on:
Here Chlas Skrugstad (left) and Tonnie van der Heide (right) perform "The More I See You" for members of the Cheadle Jazz Guitar Society in 2013

Four new videos were recorded in Germany Jan 2015, during a Cooperative jazz guitar weekend:  Mano & Tonnie *)     Hans & Tonnie *)   Holger & Tonnie *)     Erik & Tonnie *)

*) Tonnie is playing a Novax “Slimline Jazz” 7 string guitar

2019 “Christmas Jam Session” at the «Swing ‘n Sweet» jazz club in Bergen.

Tonnie van der Heide plays the blues “All Night Long” by Kenny Burrell, together with Are Ovesen trumpet -Torill Aurora vocal - Bjarne Øymyr piano - Alex Grieg bass - Jan Tore Ness drums

Videos made in Darup, Germany, February 2019.

Tenderly” by Peter Karl Müller & Tonnie (7-string guitar)

"Norwegian Dance" by Paul Schneider & Tonnie

Composed by Edvard Grieg. Paul came up with the chords for the first two

bars and the ending. Tonnie came up with the other chords

"Mana de Carnaval" by Erik Allary & Tonnie

"Out of Nowhere" by Erik Allary, Wilhelm (bass) & Tonnie

Other videos made in Germany: Tonnie & Hoger & Jurgen All the things you are  Tonnie & Hans……In a Mellow Tone    Tonnie & Rüdiger……Nuages  Holger & Tonnie Autumn Leaves      Hans & Tonnie.    Triste     Tonnie & Erik…Nuages & Hans...Body and Soul & Tonnie Stella by Starlight  Tonnie & Hans……In a Mellow Tone

Was in Mayerhofen, Zillertal, Austria September 2018

Please check out:

I have (again) participated in the North Wales International Jazz Guitar Weekend, in Wrexham, Wales, 8-10 April 2022.

This year’ teachers were Sam Dunn, Trefor Owen, Nigel Price and John Weathcroft.

I also played at the Cheadle Jazz Guitar Club meeting, Thursday April 7th, at the Bijou, 9, Massie Street, Cheadle Village and on Tuesday 5 th at The White Swan in Huddersfield.

I was lucky that fellow students Chris Rushbrook, filmed my performances, and Aaron Latty took some very nice pictures.

The videos are found at:

https://youtu.be_xpjCEyjfB8 (Cheadle) (Wrexham)

https://youtu.bekxF7ODUzxZG (Wrexham)


One of my compositions (Tonnie's Tune) can be heard on YouTube, played by Yvan Jaques on both guitar and keyboard.

He has recently played a second reharmonized version:

I found one more version of my tune on:

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